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"Established in 1849, the Crown Hotel is a sophisticated pub located in the heart of historic Camden."


Located in a prominent position within a bustling key intersection of Argyle Street, the unique location has given The Crown Hotel the potential to capture patrons as they enter into and leave the township, Camden. 


The Potential

Explored how The Crown Hotel can best utilise these spaces, their existing infrastructure and capitalise on a social media and digital presence to grow their potential.   

The building itself is full of character and history. Combining this heritage charm and bringing it through to the forefront in terms of their branding, marketing and social media. 



Creating The Experience

The consultancy services provided by ØLSEN PALMER can help to bring the next generation of The Crown Hotel into a reality.


  • Assist in providing holistic event management and branding experience to The Crown Hotel.

  • Outline a strategy on how best to implement these new changes to the venue. 

  • Utilise the existing spaces and facilities within the venue as a way to increase revenue in for The Crown.

  • Provide a holistic service run independently from The Crown Hotel. 

  • Deliver a consistent branding, social media and digital presence to the crown hotel.

Event Management

bringing new life to the function spaces available within the The Crown Hotel Venue. 

Creating a holistic brand experience, through looking at all elements of the branding from digital advertising and social media, down to physical collateral of signage design and menus. 

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Branding, Web design, and Social Media

The strategy used helps to bring a new demographic and clientele of the market into The Crown Hotel. This has been done through the use of a marketing strategy and delivery of new offerings within the Hotel. 

Value-adding was the major motivation behind the incorporation of a complete marketing strategy

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