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"For too long, a generational stigma has tainted the perception of the outer suburban areas. We want to celebrate the cultural diversity and individuality found within."

WEST aims to explore the suburban areas as a design hubs. Often overlooked and overshadowed for the CBD, the creation of WEST is to explore and uncover all of what the west has to offer.

The designed website and social media combine all things art, design, good food, local artisans, and events from the West. The carefully curated journal brings a new life into the often-overlooked suburbs. 

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travel . food . culture

Website design

Website Design

The WEST journal website combines a blog, gallery and newsletter subscription

The journal explores the local character and history of the suburbs, local eateries, boutiques, artists, and artisans.

Through spending time within the suburbs, exploring what each place has to offer, a comprehensive understanding has been achieved. 

The website has goals to expand into an online store, selling original prints of the images used within the WEST journal's social media. 

Having a subscription-based newsletter allows for a direct line of communication between the journal and the subscribers. This allows for new services, products and features to be directly communicated to the readers. 

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A defining aspect of the west brand revolves around the photography displayed within its pages. The photography runs the same strain of design as the layout of the magazine. Refined and unpretentious. 

The imagery does not aim to be an unrealistic representation of these suburbs, but instead, we want to highlight the authentic character of these places through a sense of familiarity and humanity. Highlighting the diasporic nature of some of these suburbs through cultural artifacts, local eateries, and personal experience allows for an authentic understanding and appreciation of these suburbs to be achieved, through the pages of WEST. 


Social Media

Social Media
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The WEST journal social media displays TRAVEL . FOOD . CULTURE .

Exploring various towns, the WEST journal social media promotes local eateries, cultural hubs, and the natural environment. 

Highlighting what is often missed, WEST aims to showcase the suburbs in a way they haven't been seen before. 

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