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We work to create holistic brand experiences ranging from digital and print media to hospitality and service design. Our unique make-up of skills and abilities allows us to understand all aspects of a project from concept to delivery. ØLSEN PALMER has a fascination with place and heritage. We are experts in weaving historic stories into our contemporary world.



ØLSEN PALMER is about the creation of lasting memories and exceptional experiences.

We weave together textures, colours, and imagery to embrace simple, elegant beauty in every detail. We understand that a complete identity utilises all facets of a brand experience.

Driven by quality and the desire to seek out the very best, the integrity of our purpose remains at the forefront of our mind. Our desire is to exceed expectations and deliver to you a lasting visual and branding experience, creating beautiful memories.

dean boone


Dean's passion is the experience behind the designs he creates. Connecting people with loved ones and family, celebrating unique qualities and creating memories and experiences along the way. A passion for quality and a sense of nostalgia and caring.

Dean has been the director of distinctive Living Design since 1996. A design firm specialising in landscape design and architecture, interior design and architecture, as well as public art and graphic design. distinctive works with ØLSEN PALMER to deliver on the branding projects.