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"take in the beautiful views, and enjoy lunch as Jervisfield House"


Jarvisfield House is set in the grounds of the Antill Park Country Club and is a Heritage Listed Property in the township of Picton.


The Georgian Era building has sweeping views over the surrounding landscape and is dotted with a variety of culturally significant trees. Jarvisfield House offers a French Brasserie style cuisine as well as private dining spaces, lounges and outdoor seating areas. 


Jarvisfield House can also cater for larger-scale special events with Marquees on the grounds to house your special occasion.


Jarvisfield House Logo

Food Menus

Food Menu

Execution will always be in the hands of the chef and represents many elements — knowledge, training, experience, skill, tools —that contribute to the cuisine we serve.


As chefs, we carefully select our suppliers and then work with them to ensure we get the best possible ingredients.


Developing relationships is a fundamental part of any great chef’s work and what we have accomplished through the years has been made possible through partnerships with extraordinary purveyors.


Jarvisfield House Menu Design

Wine List

Wine List
Jarvisfield House Winelist

Jarvisfield House offers a wide range of quality wines, spirits and beers. 


Our wine selections have a broad range of wines on offer as well as sparkling wines, champagne, digestives and aperitifs. They are all selected to suit the food offerings and to ensure your dining experience can be provided with a wine to suit your special occasion.


Premium selections are on offer in the private dining room.


Wedding Journal

Wedding Journal

Our Wedding Journal combines the historic site of the location of Jarvisfield House with personal touches to help create a day that is personalised 

Jarvisfield House Wedding Journal
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